Founded in 1850 to provide a place for dignified burial, this idea continues to this day with the assistance of the Association as the 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization to assist the cemetery in meeting both current and future needs.

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To mark the graves of our Boys in Blue resting in Forest Home Cemetery Milwaukee, Wisconsin

During President Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, he expressed the need for the Nation to care for those who had borne the battle as well as their widows and orphans.

This responsibility did not cease with the passing of those noble veterans. Rather, the torch has been passed to the present generation to remember the men who fought and died to preserve our Union.

It is fitting that each veteran’s final resting place should be marked with dignity. It will be our legacy to ensure that future generations honor their sacrifices.

Those encamped here in their Eternal Bivouac represent 26 states and all branches of the U. S. military.

A two-year project completed by local historians, Margaret Berres and Tom Ludka resulted in the identification of approximately 1,000 Civil War Union veterans. 80 of these brave souls died during the war.

During the course of their research, it was found that 178 veterans lay in unmarked graves. In addition, 22 government headstones are so worn that they need replacement.

Forest Home Cemetery is assisting by offering a reduced setting fee (labor and materials) from $250 to $175. The VA will provide the headstone at no cost. Funds are being raised from interested persons, patriotic societies, businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Tax deductible contributions may be made through the Forest Home Cemetery Historic Preservation Association clearly indicating that the funds are intended for the installation of government markers for Civil War veterans.

Click this “ADOPT-A-SOLDIER” link to make a specific contribution that preserves the memory of our fallen veterans

When sufficient funds are raised, a government headstone will be requested from the VA and placed over the grave of a forgotten hero.

The grave of Thaddeus Ross killed in action at South Mountain 1862.

Col. John A. Savage, Jr. died of wounds received at Petersburg, VA 1864. His grave remained unmarked until 2013.

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